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Insurance is the Best Policy, Says Study - Fri, 9 May, 2008
Over 4.5 million UK adults do not insure their homes' content, a recent survey has shown.... [more]

High Court Ruling Says Business As Usual - Wed, 7 May, 2008
A seminal ruling which enables the Office of Fair Trading to assess unfair bank charges on customers does not apply to business bank account holders,... [more]

Unsuccessful Credit Card Application Could Damage Credit Future - Tue, 6 May, 2008
An unsuccessful application for a credit card could have negative implications on a person’s credit rating, it has been recently shown.... [more]

UK Consumer Mood Sours Further - Fri, 2 May, 2008
The consumer mood has fallen to the lowest level in over fifteen years, a recent survey shows.... [more]

Rocketing Oil Prices Send Flight Prices Soaring - Thu, 1 May, 2008
British Airways passengers are to see another rise in costs as the airline announces further increases to its surcharge.... [more]

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