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Personal loans used to pay increasing school fees - Tue, 9 Aug, 2005
A recent report has revealed that parents in the UK are willing to take out personal loans to ensure that their children receive the best education. ... [more]

Positive signs for property market - Mon, 8 Aug, 2005
Recent research from the Halifax has indicated that the outlook is improving for potential property buyers. ... [more]

Shop around for student bank accounts - Mon, 8 Aug, 2005
Parents are being urged to ensure that their children have properly organised their personal finance details before heading off to university. ... [more]

Brits encouraged to save for household repair expenses - Fri, 5 Aug, 2005
British homeowners significantly underestimate the amount of money they will end up spending on house maintenance and repairs, with the majority of pe... [more]

Homeowners welcome cut in interest rates - Fri, 5 Aug, 2005
Homeowners and borrowers will welcome the Bank of England's decision to cut interest rates, following yesterdays' August meeting of the Monetary Pol... [more]

Ethical providers see boost in investment - Thu, 4 Aug, 2005
It seems that Brits are taking more time to decide which provider to use and to think about the ethical considerations involved in personal finance tr... [more]

Shopping around can significantly cut phone bills - Thu, 4 Aug, 2005
Consumers could save a significant amount of money on their phone bills this summer, according to research from price comparison service ... [more]

Household budget taken up by cost of homes - Wed, 3 Aug, 2005
Rent or mortgage repayments are taking up the majority of people's household budgets, according to a survey by Mint. ... [more]

Share schemes can benefit employees - Wed, 3 Aug, 2005
Employees have been urged to consider joining employee share schemes to benefit from the tax advantages and save money. ... [more]

Calls to write off tax credit overpayments - Tue, 2 Aug, 2005
Opposition ministers have called for the government to write off tax credit debts and help those people struggling to cope with demands for repayment ... [more]

Online help for pensions questions - Tue, 2 Aug, 2005
A number of online services have been set up to help people understand what impact the upcoming changes to the pensions legislation will have on them.... [more]

Lost change can add up to £16.5 billion - Mon, 1 Aug, 2005
Those who claim that they cannot afford to start saving or put money aside each month for saving account have been urged to look down the back of the ... [more]

Summer spending for men - Mon, 1 Aug, 2005
Research has revealed that during the summer months, men are more likely to overspend than women. ... [more]

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