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Private pensions 'dominated by men' - Wed, 31 Oct, 2007
Far more men than women are taking out self-invested personal pension (Sipp) schemes, according to figures released by James Hay.... [more]

Pensions gender gap 'widening' - Tue, 30 Oct, 2007
A new survey published by Scottish Widows has revealed that the gender gap in pension provision is widening.... [more]

'More than a quarter' of stamp duty paid by 25 LAs - Mon, 29 Oct, 2007
More than a quarter of all residential stamp duty revenues paid by home buyers in Britain comes from just 25 local authorities (LAs), according to new... [more]

Warning issued over store card borrowing - Fri, 26 Oct, 2007
Nationwide Building Society has warned consumers to be careful about how they borrow money using store card credit.... [more]

Hips 'not helping' home buying process - Fri, 26 Oct, 2007
The introduction of home information packs (Hips) has not been beneficial to the home buying process in the UK, according to the National Association ... [more]

More support for child savings schemes - Thu, 25 Oct, 2007
The government has announced its intention to offer more support for child trust fund (CTF) saving schemes around the UK.... [more]

Borrowing rates are weak, says BBA - Thu, 25 Oct, 2007
The British Bankers' Association (BBA) has warned that borrowing rates were weak across the UK throughout September.... [more]

South-east is Britain's credit card capital - Wed, 24 Oct, 2007
The south-east of England is the credit card capital of the UK, according to the latest figures compiled by the payments association Apacs.... [more]

Interest rate impact 'misunderstood by mortgage borrowers' - Wed, 24 Oct, 2007
Many of the UK's mortgage borrowers cannot accurately say what impact rises in the base rate of interest would have on their household finances, acco... [more]

Student mortgage deals 'still popular' - Tue, 23 Oct, 2007
Many thousands of students in cities across the UK are planning to take out a mortgage despite an apparent cooling in the UK's housing market, accord... [more]

Consumer panel welcomes personal finance advice plans - Tue, 23 Oct, 2007
The consumer panel established by the Financial Service Authority (FSA) has welcomed the plans to make generic personal finance advice available to co... [more]

Young Brits 'want help understanding their money' - Mon, 22 Oct, 2007
Millions of teenage consumers across the UK are concerned about their finances and would like to have a greater understanding of money-related matters... [more]

Savings fall among mortgage borrowers - Mon, 22 Oct, 2007
Mortgage borrowers across the UK have cut back on the amounts of money they add to their savings pots, according to research from Alliance & Leicester... [more]

Consumer input "vital" for pension plans - Fri, 19 Oct, 2007
Consumer input will play a "vital" role in the development of plans designed to overhaul the way Britons find financial security during retirement, ... [more]

September sets new savings record - Fri, 19 Oct, 2007
Record net savings receipts were recorded last month in the UK, according to the latest figures form the Building Societies Association (BSA).... [more]

Credit cards 'used to meet mortgage demands' - Thu, 18 Oct, 2007
Many thousands of people are using their credit cards to meet the repayment demands of their mortgage lenders, according to a recent study.... [more]

Gross mortgage lending falls 12% - Thu, 18 Oct, 2007
The gross amount of money lent by mortgage providers in the UK fell by as much as 12 per cent in September in comparison with the previous month, new ... [more]

Millions 'will switch credit card provider' - Wed, 17 Oct, 2007
Millions of UK consumers are likely to switch their credit card provider over the course of the next 12 months, according to a study commissioned by A... [more]

Personality 'affects home buying process' - Wed, 17 Oct, 2007
Individuals behave in different ways and personality can play an important role in the home buying process, according to the Building Societies Associ... [more]

Borrowing 'funding Brits' cosmetic surgery' - Tue, 16 Oct, 2007
Thousands of British consumers will turn to borrowing money in their efforts to finance cosmetic surgery, according to recent research.... [more]

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