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Brits 'losing faith' in company pension schemes - Tue, 16 Oct, 2007
People across the UK are losing faith that their company pension scheme will provide them with financial security during retirement, according to a re... [more]

Brits urged to start managing their money - Mon, 15 Oct, 2007
A new initiative has been organised with the aim of encouraging more UK consumers to manage their money more effectively, it has been revealed.... [more]

Shoppers missing out on 'everyday savings' - Mon, 15 Oct, 2007
Millions of consumers across the UK are missing out on the chance to add hundreds of pounds to their savings simply by not taking the time to get a go... [more]

First time buyers 'face financial struggle' - Fri, 12 Oct, 2007
UK consumers who have taken on a mortgage loan to buy a property for the first time are facing an increasingly difficult financial struggle, according... [more]

Plans to protect Britain's savings 'more effectively' - Fri, 12 Oct, 2007
Plans have been announced by the government to work towards a system that could ensure the savings of British consumers are more effectively protected... [more]

Homeowners 'want long-term fixed rate mortgages' - Thu, 11 Oct, 2007
Many of Britain's homeowners would like the financial security of having a long-term fixed rate mortgage arrangement, it has been claimed.... [more]

Government targets 'broader base of savings' - Thu, 11 Oct, 2007
The government has stated its commitment to establishing a "broader base of savings" in the UK and these sentiments have been welcomed by the Tax In... [more]

- Wed, 10 Oct, 2007
... [more]

Review: Alistair Darling’s Pre-Budget Report - Wed, 10 Oct, 2007
In his maiden pre-budget report, Alistair Darling introduced a number of measures to declutter the business tax system.... [more]

Darling 'missed chance to get Britain saving' - Wed, 10 Oct, 2007
In his pre-budget report this week, chancellor Alistair Darling has missed an opportunity to get British consumers saving, it has been claimed.... [more]

'More to do' for Britain's first time buyers - Wed, 10 Oct, 2007
The government ought to do more to help Britain's would-be first time buyers on to the housing ladder, according to Ray Boulger, senior technical man... [more]

Minister calls for 'greener investments' - Tue, 9 Oct, 2007
The government's climate change minister Joan Ruddock has called on Britons to make more environmentally-friendly investments.... [more]

Building society wants change to Isa system - Tue, 9 Oct, 2007
The Nationwide Building Society wants to see a number of changes to the way individual savings accounts (Isas) operate in the UK.... [more]

Fears raised over sub-prime mortgages - Mon, 8 Oct, 2007
Fears have been raised that thousands of British consumers are risking their personal finances by taking on an unmanageable mortgage deal through a su... [more]

Calls for changes to child savings system - Mon, 8 Oct, 2007
The government has been called on to introduce a number of changes to the way parents are able to save for their children's future in the UK, it has ... [more]

Bank holds cost of borrowing - Fri, 5 Oct, 2007
The Bank of England has opted to maintain the cost of borrowing at 5.75 per cent, it has been revealed.... [more]

Parents urged to start saving early - Fri, 5 Oct, 2007
British parents have been encouraged to start saving for their children's future as early as they can in order to avoid facing financial hardship as ... [more]

Credit card users get fraud warning - Thu, 4 Oct, 2007
Credit card users have been warned that instances of fraud relating to cards issued in the UK but used abroad are on the increase.... [more]

Over-50s 'taking the lead on savings' - Thu, 4 Oct, 2007
Britons aged over 50 are taking the lead when it comes to contributing to their savings, Abbey has made clear.... [more]

Parents 'raid savings' to fund children's studies - Wed, 3 Oct, 2007
Many thousands of parents around the UK are preparing to use their savings to make sure their children can continue their university studies, accordin... [more]

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