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British Gas Price Protection: Avoid - Wed, 28 Sep, 2005
Consumer groups and energy regulator Ofgem are warning customers away from British Gas's heavily pushed Price Protection Plan. ... [more]

Warnings over increased utilities bills - Thu, 22 Sep, 2005
Industry analysts have warned that recent fuel protests and rising costs will have a negative impact on electricity bills. ... [more]

Energy meters could lower utilities bills - Wed, 21 Sep, 2005
Consumers deserve a higher level of protection from excessive energy charges, according to energywatch. ... [more]

British Gas hike their prices - Fri, 9 Sep, 2005
British Gas, owned by Centrica, has said that soaring oil prices and dwindling North Sea reserves have forced it to increase fuel prices by 14.2%. Th... [more]

Shopping around can significantly cut phone bills - Thu, 4 Aug, 2005
Consumers could save a significant amount of money on their phone bills this summer, according to research from price comparison service ... [more]

Energy bills higher priority than the environment - Thu, 28 Jul, 2005
The majority of UK homeowners placed reducing the cost of energy bills ahead of concerns over climate change and the environment, according to a recen... [more]

Consumers struggling with energy costs - Mon, 18 Jul, 2005
It has been revealed that an increasing number of people in the UK are struggling to cope with the rising cost of energy bills. ... [more]

Saving energy can help with the mortgage - Thu, 7 Jul, 2005
Homeowners can save money for their mortgage payments by saving energy, according to recent research.

The report, by The One Account, revea... [more]